Jo Fairley

Co-founder Green & Blacks organic chocolate

Jo Fairley is a serial entrepreneur and pioneering businesswoman. In 1991 together with her husband, she co-founded the organic chocolate company, Green & Black’s using £20,000 of her savings. Today the company is a multi million pound global enterprise.

By 1994, the company was buying Fairtrade cocoa from Belize farmers thus earning the Worldaware business award for good business practice, as well as the UK's very first Fairtrade mark. It made Green & Black’s a blueprint for sustainable business everywhere, studied in business schools and featured in numerous newspaper stories.  In 2005, Jo and her husband sold the company to Cadbury’s but she remains in an ambassadorial role, travelling the world as the brand grows.

The success of Green & Black's has enabled Jo to become a serial entrepreneur, via an award-winning organic and natural food store/bakery (Judges Bakery), The Wellington Centre (a boutique nine-room wellbeing centre) and most recently The Perfume Society. She also works as a brand consultant for a variety of household name companies, advising on product, positioning and PR.